Golf Academy

Our golf Academy at Hull Golf Club runs around three knowledgeable PGA instructors, an unbelievable indoor swing analysis centre, 2 grass practice tees and a fantastic golf course.

We believe that we have every area covered to seriously improve your golf game!

Be it adding yards to your drive or arming yourself with a lethal short game we have the knowledge and the enthusiasm to take you to golfing nirvana...

Steve Robins, Joe Coyle and Ben Brewster make up our professional team.

Aaron at Hull Golf Club

"Friendly and fun, I've had the honour of playing at this wonderful course for many years and loved every second of it."


PGA Professionals

Hull Golf Club PGA instructors

Our team of PGA Professionals are on hand with one mission only - to seriously improve your golf! In order to enhance your enjoyment and understanding of the golf swing we use the very latest in swing analysis equipment for sure fire game enhancement.

V1 Academy

Slow motion live high motion cameras show your swing from every angle shown on wall mounted monitors in our performance centre with an email video and commentary from your instructor of your lesson landing into your smartphone before you put your clubs in your boot!

Hull Golf Club Course
Hull Golf Club PGA Professionals

A Doppler radar ball tracking device as used by the worlds best touring professionals, unique feedback of club face and swing path positions at impact help both pupil and instructor diagnose poor golf shots instantly.

Our performance centre is indoors so bad weather never stops your improvement!

We also have beautiful turf to practice from in the sun and fabulous large putting green that runs true and quick!