About the course

Out on the course the opening four holes offer variety in terms of distance, undulation, and par, and give you a sense of the challenges that lie ahead.

Following the tricky 8th, ringed by numerous bunkers, comes Hull's number 1 stroke hole named West Ella. With out of bounds on the right, players must keep their ball left down the sloping fairway, which sweeps downhill in a gentle dogleg around a large copse of trees, before facing a long uphill second to a two tiered green. A par 4 here is a rare feat.

Hull’s feature hole is the 10th. Anything from a 1 to a 15 has been recorded here over the years! A downhill driveable par 4 with a picturesque pond eating into the front and right of the green makes this the ultimate risk and reward hole. Mid irons off the tee usually only leave a wedge in, but those who take the driver can expect an eagle putt, a watery grave or, worse still, three off the tee with out of bounds hugging the right side of the fairway. You could, of course, admire the beautiful fountains donated by the Hull Golf Club Seniors Section!

The back 9 carries more twists and turns with classic dog legs on the 12th and 14th and changes of elevation as you make your way back to the 19th.

To complete the dream round, the final challenge is to par the tough 17th and 18th.


HOLE 1 - Braid's Walk

Par 5

An uphill tee shot to the marker post leaves a tighter second to the brow of the hill or beyond.

A dip in front of the green can leave an awkward pitch to a raised green which slopes back to front.


HOLE 2 - The Droop

Par 4

A spectacular view of the Humber Bridge from the tee belies the difficulty of this downhill par 4.

The second shot is played across a valley to a raised green guarded by a severe step.


HOLE 3 - The Climb

Par 4

Another tough par 4 which plays uphill back across the same valley.

The second shot must clear the large cross bunker and plays further than it looks.


HOLE 4 - Beeches

Par 3

The first of the short holes. A well-guarded two-tier green is surrounded by three deep bunkers.

Anything long or left leaves a tough up and down.


HOLE 5 - The Tryst

Par 4

Favour the right side to avoid the fairway bunker which longer hitters can clear.

This leaves a better line to the well bunkered green which slopes severely from left to right.


HOLE 6 - Lover's Walk

Par 4

Trouble lurks down the right with another well positioned fairway bunker and deep woods along the length of the hole.

A solid drive should leave a mid to short iron which plays a club further due to the cross bunker.


HOLE 7 - Dew Pond

Par 4

Underestimate this short par 4 at your peril. OOB, a fairway bunker and dense gorse awaits anything right, whilst a dew pond guards the left side.

A long iron or rescue club is often the smart play, which leaves a short iron to the well guarded green.


HOLE 8 Humber View

Par 3

The second short hole is difficult to club as the tee is so sheltered.

A two tier green is encircled by three large bunkers.


HOLE 9 - West Ella

Par 4

Favour the left half of the long downhill fairway which sweeps left to right. A long uphill second shot awaits.

Approach shots kick in from the right.


HOLE 10 - Coot's Corner

Par 4

A classic risk and reward hole.

A reachable downhill par 4 is protected by a pond which eats into the front right of the green and OOB down the right.

A long iron removes the risk and leaves a short pitch to set up a good birdie chance.


HOLE 11 - The Ridge

Par 4

A steep uphill par 4 to a stepped green.

Favour the right half of the fairway to avoid being blocked out by the trees.

Approach shots seem to play at least a club more.


HOLE 12 - Kirk Ella

Par 5

A par 5 which requires a drive up the left side to give any chance of opening up a crack at the green.

Otherwise a sensible second down onto the flat of the fairway will set up a short pitch to a tricky two tier green.


HOLE 13 - Peter Pan

Par 3

The shortest hole on the course with probably the trickiest green.

Check the wind direction from the sheltered tee and try and leave an uphill putt if possible.


HOLE 14 - Dog Leg

Par 4

A sharp dog leg left. Position from the tee is key.

A long iron or fairway wood to a plateau, leaves a downhill approach to a severely tilted green from back to front and right to left.


HOLE 15 - Watering Well

Par 4

Played from an elevated tee, position in the left half of the fairway opens up the green.

The approach shot feeds in from the right but beware the hidden pond which swallows anything long and left.


HOLE 16 - Waterloo

Par 3

The last and toughest of the par 3's begins a testing final three holes.

A heavily bunkered green gathers from the right and plays a club or two further then the length suggests.


HOLE 17 - Hill Top

Par 4

A long uphill penultimate hole favours a drive up the left which sets up a long approach.

Be careful to avoid the cross bunker 50 yards short and the large bunker at the right front of the green.


HOLE 18 - Journey's End

Par 4

One of the toughest finishing holes in the region.

From the elevated tee, favour the left half. The large green is protected by the hole's only bunker which gathers anything leaked right.

A par here is as satisfying as anything which has gone before.