Mixed Open 2019 Results

John Hustwit, Beverley Hustwit, Brian Sims, Sue Knaggs - 83pts (£80pp)
Debbie Goddard-Taylor, Kevin Taylor, Jen Guidry, Mike Guidry - 82pts (£60pp)
Ginette Evans, Stewart Shaw, Angie Hinch, Norman Hinch - 80pts (£50pp)
Harold Kaye, Irene Kaye, David P Fortnum, Jackie Fortnum - 79pts (£40pp)
Christian Edeson, Julie Edeson, Kevin Spencer, Debbie Spencer - 79pts (£30pp)
Ian Svenson, Melody Svenson, Chris Worby, Jeanie Worby - 78pts (£25pp)

Ian Morris, Pauline Morris, Andrew Lawrence, Gillian Petrie - 77pts
Barbara Teal, Stephen Teal, Tracy Worsnop, Steve Newton - 77pts
Mike Thirkettle, Robert Jordison, Jean Thirkettle, Julie Jordison - 77pts
John pottage, Stephen pottage, Elaine Johnson, Margaret Jacobs - 76pts
Emma Craven, Sam Craven, Claire Spencer, Tony Spencer - 76pts
Mike Rogerson, Isabel Rogerson, Vincent Connor, Rachel Connor - 75pts
Cliffe Duggleby, Lynn Duggleby, B Leach, C Leach - 75pts
Mick Snowden, Roy King, Molly Snowden, Diana King - 74pts
Tim Beachell, Chris Beachell, Peter Black, Mary Dews - 73pts
Sue Austin, Ron Austin, Sharon Foley, John Foley - 73pts
Pip Mitchell, Colin Mitchell, Roger Chester, Mary Chester - 72pts
Denise S Ellison, David Ellison, Chris Stocks, Richard Stocks - 72pts
Eric Coates, Judith Coates, Dave Edwards, Sue Edwards - 72pts
John M Jackson, L Moffat, T Stevenson, J Stevenson - 72pts
Dennis Jones, Rachel Jones, John Nicholson, Judy Nicholson - 72pts
Martin Robinson, Julie Robinson, Don Langham, Elaine Exley - 71pts
Philip Tolchard, Elizabeth Tolchard, Dennis Swannell, Ann Swannell - 70pts
Terry Trott, Paul Rahill, Ann Trott, Jackie Rahill - 70pts
Graeme Elliott, June McFarlanem, Mike Ward, Gill Ward - 70pts
Lynn Walliss, Paul Walliss, Alan Watson, Margaret Watson - 70pts
Sarah guest, Martin Guest, Marie Ardley, John Ardley - 69pts
Peter Noble, Elaine Newton, Robert Shears, Lynne Shears - 69pts
Tony Kerr, Eric Davies, Jan Kerr, Don Davis - 67pts
Terry Wright, John Hesling, Elaine Wright, Ann Hesling - 66pts
Michael Bartle, Angela Bartle, Carl Dennis, Susan Dennis - 64pts
John lamey, Maureen lamey, D Tomlinson, V Tomlinson - 62pts
Tony Warwick, Dorothy Warwick, Billy Hayes, Carol Hayes - 60pts

Nearest The Pins

Nearest 8th John Foley 55” - (£30 Shop Credit)
Nearest 13th Barbara Teal 4.31m - (£30 Shop Credit)

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